Instructions for Using the Compass

The Compass includes a series of statements to identify the current state of your organization’s activities to advance different components of the Pathways to Population Health Framework: 

  • Stewardship 
  • Equity 
  • Payment 
  • Partnerships with People with Lived Experience 
  • Portfolio 1: Physical and/or Mental Health (Data, Team-Based Care, Behavioral Health Integration, Care Management) 
  • Portfolio 2: Social and/or Spiritual Well-Being (Data, Social Determinant Screening/Referrals) 
  • Portfolio 3: Community Health and Well-Being (Data, Community Partnerships, Community Benefit) 
  • Portfolio 4: Communities of Solutions (Data, Leveraging Nontraditional Roles, Policy) 

As you consider your organization’s journey toward improving population health, please select the description that best represents the attitudes, behaviors, or actions currently underway. The responses represent examples of the types of activities an organization may be undertaking. The purpose of completing the Compass is to provide a snapshot of your organization’s current activities and suggest some possible next steps to help your organization progress to where it wants to be. 

Please select one response per statement. The numerical value associated with each response contributes to a “score” to assess current activities for each component, and to help your organization evaluate the balance of activities across portfolios. Circle your answers within the tool, and mark the associated numbers in the scoring sheet on the last page. The scoring sheet will walk you through how to calculate your scores, which range from 0-100, and interpret your results. 

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